Spaulding Family Sugarhouse Last used March 2016 by Mike's Dad John

New 2015 M & S Sugarhouse

Mike Spaulding of M & S Maples is at least the 5th generation to farm and
make maple syrup and on the Spaulding/Wetherbee farm in Fletcher
Vermont.  This farm has been in the family since the early 1800s, making
it one of the oldest family-held farms in the state and one of the very
last working farms still held within a single family.

The original farm consisted of 482 acres in the town of Fletcher, and is
now split in amicable ownership between 3 Spaulding's, Mike, his father
(John, no longer with us died April 2016) and Mike's aunt, Rhoda. John's father and mother, Wesley and
Ardelle, inherited a share of the farm from Mike's great-grandfather
Emerson (senior legislator in the Vermont legislature for many years), and
obtained the other shares of the farm by unanimous vote from Wesley's
siblings upon Emerson's death in 1966.

In addition to our maple operation, we raise and sell
select beef and pigs along with chickens to help keep the historic farm traditions and its land

operational in the face of massive competition from big agriculture and non-traditional and
brutal farming practices.


 All Mike's whole goal in life has been to keep the legacy of his father, grandfather and

family honored and going. Economics have dictated the  dairy operation being put on hiatus,
but Mike has kept all other aspects of the farm operational with help from
his Dad, wife Sandy,  father-in law Wayne, Step-children Aaron & Tyler , and Logan. Along with

Sandys Sister, and nephews. Family is very important to Mike & Sandy.

We now 100% operate our sugaring at the new location at our home in Fletcher.

This was operational in Spring 2016,
we will be tapping approximately 2100 taps in our first year, with
plans to increase the number of taps each year.

We will be providing tours and allowing guests the experience of
gathering sap and sugaring down the traditional way, using 300 vintage
buckets and a wood fired evaporator. Old traditions are very important to
us, as we both grew up with the old ways, and try to keep
and teach those to others as much as they can. They appreciate your
support and interest.


So many new changes here at M & S Maples. We have  hired a young lady Alex Blair from Fletcher to help in

the woods and sugarhouse, along with Wayne ( Sandys dad). 

They walk the lines , repair tubing and such as needed. She is such a hard working young lady! She also works

for Sandy in the Graphics by design Shop as well. 


Long season. We leased a set of woods here in Fletcher, which had approx.. 5000 taps. Lot of work

for a small producer like us. Weather was really good through out the spring. 

We have made some new friends here at the sugarhouse, and as always

we love having guest show up.  

Wesley Spaulding, John Spaulding, Michael Spaulding 3 generations 1986