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Our traditional Vermont Maple Candy is made entirely from our 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, nothing else is added.  Its delightful taste pleases the sweet tooth in everyone - young and old! 

Our maple syrup candy comes in maple leaf's shapes in a six and fifteen piece gold box with a clear lid and gold band. Buy some and enjoy this old fashioned treat today!  


Maple sugar candy leafs are made with 100% pure Vermont maple syrup produced by small sugar-houses in Northern Vermont. Our customers prefer candies that will last for weeks before drying out and losing flavor, and that's precisely what you'll get. Satisfaction guaranteed. Refrigerate for longest shelf-life. Try maple candy in your morning coffee as a healthier sweetener. It's delicious!

 12 candies are approx.   Net Wgt. 1/4 lb.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all maple candy is the same. Our candies are made from 100% pure and natural  Vermont maple syrup and are first quality candies that are NOT damaged or "whitening" (starting to lose moisture and flavor).The syrup is stored in drums and poured into smaller containers to be used when demand requires. All syrup is quality tested at the time or purchase and before candy is made.

Vermont Maple Candy Box

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