Buyer's Guide to the Table Grades of Vermont Maple Syrup

Maple syrup grades do not correspond with quality but rather with flavor and color. All grades are the same high quality. Generally the darker the grade the heartier the maple flavor. This is a generalization, as grade alone will not determine flavor. You can have two samples of the same grade side by side and each may have a different flavor.

Don't get too hung up on which grade to buy. All grades of maple syrup are delicious and you can select multiple grades with many of our maple syrup store items.


Grade A:
Golden Color  Delicate Taste
(Vermont Grade Fancy)

Light golden color, delicate maple bouquet. Delightfully mild maple flavor, excellent on ice cream or on foods which permit its subtle flavor to be appreciated.


Grade A:
Amber Color  Rich Taste
(Vermont A-Medium)

Medium Amber color, pronounced maple bouquet. Characteristic maple flavor; popular for pancakes and waffles and all around use. This is the best choice for a gift.


Grade A:
Dark Color  Robust Taste
(Vermont A-Dark)

Dark Amber color, robust maple bouquet. Heartier maple flavor; also very popular for table and all around use.


Grade A:
Dark Color - Robust Taste Strong
(Vermont Grade B)

The same color as above, but with a stronger flavor. This grade corresponds with what used to be called Vermont Grade B. Some people prefer its stronger maple flavor and it the best grade for cooking.